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Keep your business safe, today and in the future with our robust security solutions.

Unfortunately cybercrime is rife and the impact of a security breach or data loss can be severely damaging to your business.
Cloudomni’s security solutions protect your business 24/7 against the threat of
cyber-attacks and potential data loss. Built to the needs of your business, we offer a variety of security and compliance solutions giving you peace of mind that your business is safe.

Business continuity is essential for all businesses however large or small and backup services are evolving and becoming more and more sophisticated. Protect your customers, your data, your reputation and your proft.

Next gen cloud firewalls

Cloud firewalls prevent unauthorised access to business networks by blocking inappropriate content. We deliver hosted, virtual, dedicated and on-site firewall solutions, based on what will work best for you, so you can focus on the things that matter to your business.

DDoS attack protection

DDoS attacks can take your business completely offline, which means no website, no email, no phones, ultimately huge disruption for you and your customers. Our solutions will identify and mitigate advanced attacks, protecting your business from the damaging effects.

Backup and recovery

You don’t just need to protect your businesses from viruses. Fires, floods and human errors are also a threat to your day to day business functions. We are able to restore your services in minutes rather than days, minimising the impact to your business.

Call recording

Whatever your reasons for requiring call recording, whether it be for compliance, dispute resolution, training or monitoring of staff, we offer it as standard on our telephony packages. Our call recording software meets GDPR compliance regulations and as a cloud service it completely eliminates the need for onsite hardware and backup systems.

Cloud content filter

We offer a content filtering service that assists in controlling or blocking content that is deemed inappropriate for your staff to view, for both security and productivity purposes. We offer customised policies for users, time of day, content categories and location.