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The fastest secure connectivity wherever you are located in the UK, tailored to your business needs.

Wherever you are located in the UK, we can
deliver you the most suitable service for your business requirements. We deal with multiple suppliers so you don’t have to, but at the same time you aren’t restricted to one single supplier. Our focus is on giving your business the edge through one of our connectivity products. Through a free consultation we will ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of your connectivity needs.

We will delivery quality, flexible solutions to enable you to scale your service to suit your requirements. Connectivity should be straightforward, so we will ensure that is case.

Your business is only as good as
your connectivity!

This is true more than ever! As more business migrate to cloud services, many forget to start at the beginning. Improved connectivity is key and we will match you to the right connectivity solution following our consultation. Some of the services we offer.
Fixed line fibre

UK wide superfast Fibre Ethernet connectivity with speeds from 10MB to 10GB, selected from the most appropriate service for your business.

Wireless leased line

Using advanced radio and microwave technology our wireless leased lines provides flexibility and scalability to grow with your business. Rapid installation and the ability to relocate easily, plus speeds from 10MB to 10GB.

4G & 5G

Flexible connectivity with data available anywhere and any time, enabling agile remote working and connectivity in hard to reach locations.

Why connect through CloudOmni?


We take the hassle out of your installation, delivering a seamless transition to your new provider.


We offer 24/7 support and also remove the risk to your business of a single carrier’s network outage.


We simplify contracts and billing, so you can focus on the things that matter to your business.


No network bias on our part, means you get the best solution based on your requirements and location.

Let’s get started by you connecting with us.

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